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Who are we?

We are The People that are declaring victory with truth and fighting back against censorship of mainstream media by going
directly to the streets of the USA, crowdfunded and fueled by The People and for The People.
We are your outlet to come together and Raise Banners of Truth during this Great Spiritual Awakening of America.

We have raised over $500,000 since Nov. 2021 and have been able to put up over 195+ outdoor billboards
across 30 states,
500+ indoor billboards, 30 bus benches, mobile digital trucks, and more!


What are we doing?

We are displaying the Vaers data on all types of media so The People can make an informed decision.
We are freeing captives of truth by putting up message about medical and election tyranny, political tyranny and more!

The VAERS System is the Vaccine Adverse Reaction reporting system that is maintained by the CDC & the HHS.
This information is being suppressed in mainstream media and to date, there are over 1.4 million cases reported.

We are also displaying trusted sources in this movement so folks have a place to find the Truth!

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Wichita Falls, TX

TX Wichita Falls, 3601 Call Field Road, 76308 (Facing East) - Live 12/05–1/01

Waco, TX (704 N Hewitt)

TX Waco, 704 N Hewitt DR, 76712 (Facing South) - Live 12/05–1/01

Odessa, TX (2701 N CR W)

TX Odessa, 2701 N County Rd. W, 79764 (Facing South) - Live 12/05–1/01

Abilene, TX (Southwest Dr)

TX Abilene, 4321 Southwest Dr, 79606 (Facing North) - Live 12/05–1/01
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Banner Locations

Banner Locations

How Can I help & volunteer?

Raise Yard Signs around your town!
Pass out Flyers & Stickers in your local community!
Raise Vinyl Banners in high traffic areas!
Put a magnet on your car and be a moving Billboard!
Share Social Media Post!

Donate and Receive Materials to distribute locally:

Raise your own Banner !

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God breathes on something it will trigger major chain reactions. One small idea to reach out to those around us can have a drastic impact, and with the help of others like yourselves, we can stir the pot with a larger spoon.
Our Mission
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